Chandler Moisen


👋 Hello, I am Chandler.

I am a software engineer, product designer, and technology educator living in Colorful Colorado.

I work as a staff software engineer at Marley Medical where I build technology to manage chronic health conditions. By night, I help (often) first-time founders with early-stage technology decisions at Foundation, my boutique digital consultancy.

My career as a technologist began in New York City where I worked with a number of high-growth, venture-backed startups in the energy, enterprise marketing, e-commerce, edu-tech, and health-tech industries. I have been the first hire, the fiftieth hire, and everywhere in-between.

As a technologist, my interests lie developing client-side applications which explore the intersection of technology, psychology, and design. Since 2019 my work has focused on how technology can be used to impart positive behavioral change with respect to healthy living and wellness awareness.

In a previous life, I spent more than half-a-decade as a technology instructor teaching foundational web development at technical schools. Mentorship continues to be an integral part of my professional life: I mentor software developers early in their careers and founded and lead Ro's Software Engineering Fellowship program for two years.

Beyond technology and startups, interests include: cycling, skiing, surfing, sailing, overlanding, 35mm photography, urban design, and woodworking.

Want to get in touch? I can be reached at

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