Chandler Moisen

Three Great Virtues of a Programmer

May 08, 2020

Today I learned that, according to Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, there are three great virtues of a programmer: Laziness Impatience…


Challenges Sharing a Project

May 07, 2020

Today I learned about challenges sharing a project across teams as a tech lead. A month ago, my team and another team kicked off a shared…

Engineering Teams

Questions For Postmortems

May 05, 2020

Today I learned more questions to ask during a postmortem. This afternoon I sat in on a postmortem for a production issue. This was my first…

Engineering Teams

Publish More Incident Reports

May 04, 2020

Today I learned that developers should publish more incident reports. I say this after reading Forbes Lindesay’s post mortem report on how a…

Engineering Teams

HTTP Archive File

May 01, 2020

Today I learned about HTTP Archive (HAR) files. While attempting to replicate a bug, I asked the reporter to share her testing credentials…

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