Chandler Moisen

Tech Ethic

August 11, 2020


While reading an opinionated take on the recent tech anti-trust hearing, the author, Mark Hurst, linked to an ethic he developed to help software teams gauge the morality of their own products.

Embarrassed to admit I have not given even a tenth as much thought as I should have on this subject. Logging the aforementioned ethic below as inspiration for personal continued contemplation on the subject.

  1. Build something that acts in people’s long-term best interest
  2. Don’t cheat
  3. Build a product that you would recommend to your own family and friends
  4. Widen your scope beyond the features themselves
  5. Listen to users to find out what they want BEFORE you build it
  6. If your company doesn’t listen, quit your job - if you can

The author summarizes the above as:

Work for the long-term benefit of users and communities. Consider the outcomes. And don’t cheat.

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